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Cesarina Bowls

pasta in pizza

Pasta in Pizza!

Pasta and Pizza are known all over the world as two trademark products of Italy exported and copied all over the world.

Cesarina Pasta marries them together creating the Cesarina Bowls, a product that is as unique as it is authentic.  It's a bit like eating pasta and 'fare la scarpetta' dipping bread in the delicious sauce at the same time. 

To the traditional Italian homemade pasta recipes, Cesarina Pasta fuses new and innovative ingredients such as beets, acai, macha tea, carrots, seaweeds and more. It is through these natural ingredients that Cesarina Pasta adds nutritional value and colourful nuances to its bowls. The sauces used to top these delicious pasta bowls are all made with fresh & local produce to ensure that our products are not only "oh-so-good" but also healthy and with high nutritional value. 

In the farmer markets listed below you'll be able to find our Cesarina Pizza & Pasta Bowls freshly made as you wait.



available at all farmers market locations