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Hasta La Pasta Baby!

Dinner & Cooking Show!

saturday April21st at 5pm @ Gianni buonomo's tasting room in ocean beach

4836 Newport Ave, San Diego, CA 92107

35$ + tax per person


Hasta la pasta, Baby! - dinner & cooking show

35$ + tax per person


Cesarina's Pasta Cooking Show

Appetizer (express buffet style)

3 course Dinner Menu

Not Included:

Wine and beverages

Hasta La Pasta, Baby!

Dinner & Cooking Show!

cesarina will share her experience and secrets in the making of fresh rainbow "pasta all'uovo"!

Hasta La Pasta, Baby! - Dinner & Cooking Show
is Cesarina®'s new unique event at Gianni Buonomo's tasting room in Ocean Beach!
We will serve an aperitivo and a 3 course menu. In addition to the dinner you will be able to taste and order Gianni Buonomo's best Wines. (Wine is not included in the price of the Dinner & Cooking Show)
After di Aperitivo and before Dinner, Cesarina will show and teach how to make a creative and colourful version of her original "Pasta all'uovo" recipe. To colour the pasta Cesarina will only use Natural ingredients that will also add nutritional values to the pasta! During the demonstration she will share her unique techniques and secrets!

The event will start at 5pm. We will all get to know each other while sipping some great wine from Gianni Buonomo and tasting Cesarina's Aperitivo.

Cooking Show will start at 5:30. Cesarina will how and demonstrate how to craft creative and fun Rainbow Pasta!

Dinner will begin at 6:15 - 6:30. The entire dinner menu will be cooked from scratch right in front of you!

The event will end at 8:00 pm.

Feel free to contact us additional information!

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Cesarina Pasta

+ 1 (619) 653 3264

Gianni Buonomo Tasting Room

4836 Newport Ave, San Diego, CA 92107

+1 (619) 991-9911

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